The Global Book and Docuseries For Those

Who Want to Change the World

If you want to make a difference, you have to be that difference.

~ JB Owen

Do you have a vision for the future of humanity?

One that is joyful, exciting, and visionary?

Now is the time to share it.

Our upcoming book and docuseries, Ignite Humanity, is for those with a powerful message to share, a message you want to both write and speak about. We’re searching around the world for those who look to the future and want to Ignite the planet. This book and docuseries will catalog the diverse and impactful insights each one of us have on humanity and the light we can bring into the world.

Ignite Humanity is about connection. How we connect with others, how we create impact, and how we Ignite the world! We want human beings like you who understand how we can create an amazing world that puts people first.

On a collective scale, it is our vision to create a better future and

a better world for every human on the planet.

Tell your story. Transform your life.

Take the leap and join the movement!


Ignite is looking for innovators, leaders, and global change-makers who will add depth and breadth to this important initiative by sharing how they are impacting the planet in a positive way. This project is for those individuals who are moving the needle of humanity forward in a way that benefits others. We believe that the more we can spread the message of ways to Ignite Humanity, the more we can shift the paradigm and create a better Humanity for All.

The people we meet along our journeys can change our lives. When those relationships bloom, it reminds us of the connection every human on this planet has with one another. If you feel that connection and want to unite the hearts of people everywhere, we want to hear from you.

Become a bestselling author, appear in a film project highlighting

your work, and Ignite Humanity with us!

IT's time to invest in the future. Are You Ready?

Book a Discovery Call with Ignite CEO and Founder JB Owen to get all the exciting details about Ignite Humanity. JB will walk you through what it means to join a community of bestselling storytellers sharing their Ignite Moments. She will share details about the Ignite Humanity project and the exciting charity initiative Ignite is running alongside the book and series. Ignite Humanity will be a collaboration on a global scale, using various mediums of storytelling to transform lives and inspire people to take positive action for a better world. We want you to be part of that.

Ignite’s mission is to impact humanity and inspire the world through the stories we tell. We can’t wait to hear more about how you’re impacting humanity!

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