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Bouquets of Hope

Igniting Lives and Literacy

$12 buys 12 bricks and
a bouquet of virtual roses for your loved one!

Our mothers are our biggest supporters, our unconditional cheerleaders, and the very reason we exist in the world! On Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect time to give a loving gift with a bigger impact than your average bouquet of flowers! 

A Bouquet of Hope shows your mother just how much you care, all while embodying the true nurturing spirit of motherhood by giving back to children in need.


Share Possibilities and Help Hope Blossom in the Hearts of Children

Did you know that over 100 million roses are sold every year for Mother’s Day? They’re a beautiful, classic gift for the person you love, and we want to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day while spreading love and compassion to those who need it most. 

This year, instead of heading to the florist, donate to the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope, our initiative that fundraises to build schools in areas of need. A minimum donation of $12 (one for each rose), is all you need to be able to virtually send a bouquet and a personalized message to the person you love.

Every dollar you donate pays for one brick, so you’re building hope, spreading love, and showing that special person in your life—be it your wife, husband, mother, father, child, friend, or coworker—just how much you care.

These roses are for everyone just like education and literacy should be!

You're helping making that possibility a reality.

The Gift That Gives More AND Gives Back

There is so much delight in receiving and sending flowers. Your loved one will feel that joy tenfold when they see that not only were their virtual flowers sent with love, but with a powerful impact that will help children access literacy, education, and opportunity.

Bring hope to those who need it most, and give children a chance to light up the world with their future dreams. Be an advocate for planting possibilities in the lives of the next generation. Help those without an education access the tools and principles they need to thrive.

$12 can ignite a child with a future filled with joy

How can you change lives and send an extra special Mother’s Day gift? Follow the instructions to donate and get your bouquet.

  1. Go to our donation page

  2. Make a donation of at least $12 under your full name

  3. Take a screenshot of your donation confirmation/receipt

  4. Add your full name and email, as well as the screenshot of your confirmation below

  5. Alongside this information, leave the name and email address of the person you’d like to send the virtual bouquet to, and add a personalized message

  6. Click submit, and we will send your loved one their Bouquet of Hope!

Ignite your amazing mother with a Bouquet of Hope. Give her a gift like no other—a gift that will Ignite the life of a child and help build a school.

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