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LLady JB Owen is a fearless female leader and a believer in the power of empowerment.JB’s true focus is on helping others, which is why she started Ignite PublishingTM, the leader in empowerment publishing, in 2019. She is a world-class speaker, 20-time bestselling author, and powerful business owner who is committed to raising the vibration of the planet and igniting a billion lives through Ignite. She has been knighted by The Royal House of Cappadocia, The Order of Constantine the Great, and Saint Helen as Lady JB Owen and the Grand Prior of Canada for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts.

JB has published over 700 authors, turning them into international bestsellers in over 13 countries, with Ignite Publishing’s books reaching #1 in 205 categories. Her gift is to Ignite people to share their story and build their brand. She combines purpose, passion, and possibilities in everything she does. Her deepest enjoyment comes from supporting individuals in manifesting the lives they have always wanted and the happiness they

deserve. She thinks one of the greatest ways to fulfillment and transformation is to tell your story and share your wisdom with the world.

JB Owen, the Founder and CEO of Ignite PublishingTM, also owns Ignite Moments MediaTM, where she produces transformational television, inspirational content, and life-changing events. Her parent company, JBO Global INCTM, manufactures award-winning products, and her highly successful, eco-friendly, and socially conscious company, Lotus LinersTM, is changing the landscape of feminine hygiene and women’s health worldwide.

She has been awarded and acknowledged for her dedication to raising the

consciousness of the planet and empowering others to do the same.

Exemplifying a new paradigm of what’s possible, JB motivates and inspires her clients to impact others and Ignite HumanityTM. Her publishing work has allowed hundreds to share their story, and thousands more to be impacted and changed by them.

Allison Gaddy


Allison Gaddy is a global thought leader, real estate influencer, and international keynote speaker.  Forbes and USA Today recognize her creation of a phenomenal platform for inspiring change and leadership with a significant impact.  She is a certified SUCCESS Coach who assists leaders in dreaming BIG and gaining the ability to inspire and mentor others.  As Founding Partner at Expert Partners, her growing world-class real estate mastermind platform with nearly 1,000 agents working in her organization throughout 41 states and 4 countries gives substance to her inspiration.  She and her partner, Don have created a work life balance that leaves ample time to pursue their passions at home, work, and play.  They are a living example that their formula for success works.

As a social media savvy entrepreneur, Ms. Gaddy provides her audience with timely, thought-provoking content and practical advice on a regular basis that can be implemented immediately.  Her media has a professionally produced air with a megadose of heart and soul that sparks change and ignites action.  She has positive energy, insatiable curiosity, and a sincere desire to help others which never fails to make meaningful connections with her followers. 

Allison’s philosophy on philanthropy is based on her work with Austin Angels.  Their mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through

intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.  

Three points that clearly align with the purpose of the Ignite Documentary Project.  She is thrilled to have the opportunity to take her philanthropy to a global level.  Her path to the IGNITE Humanity project is a prime example of what some may call serendipity and other’s fate. 


“When JB Owen and I met, I was in no way looking for a project and she was unaware of my film experience.   We connected in a heartbeat on a personal level.  At one point in our conversation, she asked if I had ever considered Directing.   Simultaneously, I wondered how she had arrived at that question and answered YES emphatically.   In that one perfect moment, everything was set in motion! I am honored to be a part of spreading a message of hope to humanity!”  -  Allison Gaddy, Director IGNITE HUMANITY

Allison is armed with a Master’s Degree from the Peter Stark Production Program at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and a lifetime of experience collaborating in the production of promotions across multiple media platforms.   She is a proven leader with excellent communication skills and a degree in finance.  Her passion for people, purpose and philanthropy are perfectly aligned to bring powerful stories of hope to humanity and IGNITE meaningful changes around the world.

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