Step into a realm where golfing excellence converges with a monumental cause. 

Ignite Humanity™ proudly hosts Hole 10 at the grand spectacle that is the 18th Annual World Wide Technology Championship, cradled in the heart of the luxurious Diamante Cabo San Lucas resort. The epicenter of this sporting gala is the exquisitely designed EL Cardonal Course, an opus of golf architecture by the legendary Tiger Woods. This ethereal landscape invites you, a golf enthusiast, into a sublime expedition amidst serene landscapes and meticulously designed fairways, where every stroke reverberates with a promise of unrivaled excitement and profound purpose. The awe-inspiring panorama filled with verdant greens, sparkling water bodies, and whispering palms is nothing short of poetic, promising an experience that will be etched in your memory long after the game is played.

As an esteemed Ambassador of Ignite Humanity™,
your journey goes beyond the game;
it's a rendezvous with a legacy of positive impact.

Revel in the unmatched honor of striding alongside the best of the golf world, in the gardens of bliss that is  EL Cardonal. Your Ambassadorship is not just a title; it’s an emblem of hope and benevolence. Adorn the exquisite PGA swag—a sleek golf shirt, a tasteful jacket, and a stylish cap, each piece symbolizing your esteemed commitment to a global impact. Every stride you take, handshake you exchange, and conversation you engage in furthers the collaboration, sportsmanship, and philanthropy that Ignite Humanity™ champions. Your presence amplifies the ethos of compassion and shared triumph that the tournament embodies.

The electrifying Pro-Am events mark the onset of a golfing saga laden with fervor and purpose.

These events aren’t merely a precursor to the main championship, but an experience embodying the spirit of competitive camaraderie. Your participation here isn’t confined to exhibiting your golf finesse; it’s also for making memories with seasoned golfers and enthusiastic amateurs alike, all under the banner of sportsmanship and the collective good. The ProAm events celebrate the beautiful blend of professional mastery and amateur passion, fostering an ecosystem of learning, growth, and positive competition. In the heart of these spirited engagements are opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, share a laugh, a challenge, and the unrivaled joy of being part of a community that values the sport and the larger cause it represents.

The journey with Ignite Humanity™ transcends the boundaries of the golf course, propelling you into a sphere of enduring impact and personal growth.

As a cherished member of our visionary team, we are sharing with you with a special 10% promo code for our forthcoming Empowerment book. Your narrative, your personal Ignite Moment, awaits to be woven into the fabric of this international best-selling endeavor. This book isn’t just a collection of stories; it’s a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Each page resonates with hope, empowerment, and the transformative journey of individuals who dared to dream, act, and ignite a flame of positive change. Your story, interlaced with those of others, will traverse continents, inspiring and empowering readers to become the catalysts of change in their own right.

The 16th Annual World Wide Technology Championship beckons, and with it, an opportunity of a lifetime.

November 2-5, 2023

Your swing on the pristine greens of EL Cardonal could be the spark that ignites a worldwide movement. Unite with us in this grand endeavor where every swing, every hole, and every shared story, contributes to a narrative of hope, empowerment, and global change. Enlist as an Ambassador and be the spark that propels a narrative of positive change, one swing at a time.

Ignite Humanity is pleased to announce a noble partnership with the esteemed Los Cabos Children's Foundation at the 16th Annual World Wide

Technology PGA Championship.

This esteemed foundation has been a beacon of hope and support for countless families, lending a compassionate hand to parents and children who require that extra touch of care to lead profound and fulfilling lives.

By co-hosting holes at the prestigious tournament, Ignite Humanity™ and Los Cabos Children's Foundation intertwine the love for golf with a higher humanitarian call. The golf course transforms into a canvas of positive change, where every stroke not only defines the trajectory of a golf ball but symbolizes a collective stride toward nurturing a compassionate society.

This collaboration embodies a shared vision of fostering a ripple effect of goodwill and support across the community. The tournament becomes more than a competition; it is a platform where sporting excellence meets compassionate outreach. Every swing, every cheer, and every moment shared resonates with the countless individuals whose lives have and will be changed by the concerted efforts of Ignite Humanity™ and The Los Cabos Children's Foundation.

Together, we're not just playing a game; we're playing for a cause that has the potential to reshape lives, cultivate joy, and ignite a domino effect of compassion and support across the community and beyond. Join us in this grand venture as we strive to translate the spirit of competition into a saga of hope and benevolent outreach, carving out a future filled with endless possibilities and the promise of a better tomorrow for all.

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Stay connected for more exhilarating insights and updates on our alliance with Los Cabos Children's Foundation and the unfolding narrative of positive transformation at the 16th Annual World Wide Technology Championship. Your next swing could be the harbinger of a lasting legacy. Ignite the change with us, where golf is the gateway to a world of impactful narratives and profound transformations.

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