Ignite Humanity is going to change the world

Through sharing your authentic story and aligning with 279 other people, you are going to make a difference in millions of people’s lives. This is no small project, it is the massive and awe-inspiring project that will awaken others and have them thinking about how each of us can improve our world.

When you sign up, you will be a part of history and connected to a project that will

Ignite lives 
Ignite hearts 
Ignite souls

Ignite possibilities

Ignite literacy

Ignite legacy

Ignite Humanity

What we need from you 

Your story will be the lifeline of those who are ready for change.

  • Contribute a 2500-word story sharing your Ignite Moment in one of these eight uplifting categories

    • Women of Impact

    • Leaders of Change

    • Inspirational Titans

    • Awakening Hearts

    • Global Collective

    • Voices of Hope

    • Raising the Consciousness

    • Inspiring the Future

  • Share a stunning color photo of you 

  • Meet with our editing team in three powerful one-on-one editing sessions to uncover, deep-dive, and polish your story 

  • Provide your bio, website, and social handles

  • Record a 30 second video to inspire your readers that will be accessed via a QR code in the book 

  • Partake in sharing, posting, and launching the book during launch week

What we offer you

Exceptional Service

By sharing your story, you become a part of something special—those who are committed to making sure we all have a better future. Your story will be a contributing factor in the goal to Ignite Humanity, and our team is ready to assist you through the entire process with:

  • Full concierge services to walk you through the entire process and be there one-on-one to support your amazing author journey

  • 5-star treatment so that you get the very best experience and have a seamless and exceptional process of becoming a best-selling author. 

  • Technically enhanced encrypted author portal to protect your privacy, honor your writing, and ensure 100% protection of your content and information.

Premier Production

Having published 750 authors so far, we know how to get you to the finish line in a powerful and transformative writing endeavor that ensures you enjoy yourself and your story delivers inspiration and impact. We edit, design, and produce everything for you.

  • Meet one-on-one with our award-winning and diverse editing team in three uniquely designed editing sessions

  • See your story come to life in a stylized and highly sought-after coffee table-size book that makes a massive statement in any room, bookstore, library, or corporate office. 

  • Receive 10 copies of this colossal 8.5x11 inch 880 pages, beautifully designed and constructed, hard-cover book for you to share with those you love.

Enhance your Writing

  • Participate in Bi-monthly online Writers’ Nests to help outline and develop your story and writing skills. 

  • Gain access to writing workbooks and video training to enhance your writing in our exclusive writing platform called Ignite Connect. 

  • Set yourself up to write your own solo book and learn from our team on publishing, production, editing, and international best-selling launch techniques.

Global Exposure

We want this book to reach every corner of the planet, and we provide you with the marketing tools you need to make that happen. Imagine the impact this book will have when 280 people are promoting it all at the same time. We make sure you are ready and equipped.

  • Your story will Include your contact details so that readers around the globe can find and connect with you - use the book as a one of kind marketing tool. 

  • We produce a full, customized media kit, social graphics, and copy to share with your community.

  • We make sure every major media outlet and each industry Ignite Humanity is aware of this project and market its impact around the globe.

A Speaking Platform

  • Share your message and present on stage at our Ignite Gatherama event on May 16th & 17th, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and benefit from our event, social, and global marketing. 

  • Attend our Ignite Humanity Sharearama on Nov 8th, 9th, and 10th and be a part of setting new Guinness World Records. 

  • Showcase your mission at our Online Humanity Summit taking place in 2025, utilizing the success of the project to reach audiences hungry for more information from you.

Create Lifelong Change

  • Part of your tuition goes toward the Ignite Humanity- Inspiration classrooms project building schools in third-world areas.  

  • Receive a tax receipt for a portion of your contribution to the project. 

  • See your name on a plaque inside the school, showing your involvement in Igniting literacy and a part of the schools we build

Meet Exceptional Leaders

  • Partake in our Ignite Humanity ThinkTank, designed to bring all of the authors together in a 12-month weekly Mastermind setting

  • Meet high-level individuals committed to igniting humanity and participate in their projects or ask them to partake in yours. 

  • Engage in dynamic discussions that will create actions steps for progress and solutions to issues affecting humanity and rally together to solve them

Ignite Others

  • Reach new audiences and share your heart-felt and authentic message knowing your story is what will ignite someone else in their life

  • Join a community of the most amazing people on the planet and make friends, colleagues and business partners for life, in a highly conscious and curated collection of people wanting better for everyone

  • Be inspired to do more and be more of the amazing gift you are to the world and be around others who recognize and celebrate you and the work you do to ensure a better future for everyone.


Only press this button if it is a 100% YES!

Still Have Questions?

Book a Discovery Call with Ignite CEO and Founder JB Owen to get all the exciting details about Ignite Humanity. JB will walk you through what it means to join a community of bestselling storytellers sharing their Ignite Moments. She will share details about the Ignite Humanity project and the exciting charity initiative Ignite is running alongside the book and series. Ignite Humanity will be a collaboration on a global scale, using various mediums of storytelling to transform lives and inspire people to take positive action for a better world. We want you to be part of that.

Ignite’s mission is to impact humanity and inspire the world through the stories we tell. We can’t wait to hear more about how you’re impacting humanity!

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