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Immerse yourself in a transformative odyssey with Ignite Humanity Alliance, a movement where every story is a symphony of hope, resilience, and change. As you join our community, you're embracing a calling that transcends borders, resonating with countless hearts across the globe. Every narrative we weave, every voice we amplify, seeks to Ignite change in humanity, inspiring individuals to rise, unite, and craft a brighter future. Here, you don't just share stories; you become a  visionary, shaping a world thriving with possibilities.

Explore Our Pillars

Our Mission:

At the very heart of our endeavors lies a profound belief: stories have the power to transform lives. In every tale there is a beacon of light, glowing with an opportunity for us all to connect, develop a deep connection, a shared understanding, and a collective sense of purpose. We don't just curate stories; we handpick narratives that resonate at the core of human existence—kindling hope, inspiring change collectively aspiring for a world rich in empathy and unity.

Core Values:

Innovation: We constantly strive to push the boundaries, infusing our approach with fresh perspectives, ensuring our stories resonate with the evolving heartbeat of humanity.

Authenticity: Every story we share is raw, genuine, and heartfelt. We believe in tales that echo the true essence of human experiences, binding listeners with a thread of shared emotions.

Transformation: Through sharing personal, heartfelt stories we aim to touch souls, spark revelations, and catalyze profound shifts in perspectives, fostering a world where every individual realizes their boundless potential.

Your Commitment to Change

Embarking on this journey with the Ignite Humanity Alliance is more than a mere investment—it's a declaration of your dedication to sculpting a world filled with hope, unity, and endless possibilities. With your heartfelt contribution of $5500 USD, you're not just funding a mission; you're anchoring a dream, nurturing aspirations, and giving a voice to countless silenced tales. It's a commitment to igniting change and catalyzing new beginnings.. As you pledge your support, you become a cornerstone of a vision that seeks to reshape tomorrow with the stories of today.

Delve Deeper with Us

Venture into the heart of our movement, where passion meets purpose, in an intimate exploration with our visionary CEO and CHO (chief Humanity officer), JB Owen, and the many others dedicated to humanity. This is not just a conversation—it's an enlightening journey through the tapestry of dreams, aspirations, and hopes that birthed our alliance. Feel the palpable heartbeat of our mission, witness firsthand the transformative power of uniting voices, and discover the intricate mosaic of stories and souls that define us. As you connect with the Humanity ThinkTank, you'll gain a profound appreciation of the depth, vision, and boundless potential of our collective. Together, let's unveil the layers and explore the myriad ways we're igniting change. Be around like-minded people and a part of not just talking about change but implementing it.


The Humanity ThinkTank will meet weekly to delve into the most important issues of humanity and create solutions for change. You will have the opportunity to meet the other members and create new and profound partnerships that will benefit both your business and your life. Be around the top industry leaders who are leading the change in Humanity pro initiatives and have a say in how we rebuild humanity’s connection with one another.

Join the Narrative

Step into the realm of Ignite Humanity, where every narrative is a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and echoes of hope. Within our vast expanse of global tales, some resonate with unparalleled vigor, illuminating darkened corners and kindling dormant hopes. By joining us, you're not just sharing a story—you're weaving your unique thread into a luminous canvas, contributing to a collective legacy of love, inspiration, and transformation. We at Ignite ardently believe that every voice has the power to light up the world. As we eagerly await your submission, we're excited about the symphony of change it promises to orchestrate.

What you are saying YES to:

  • Publishing your Ignite Moment in an international best- selling book

  • Being a part of the largest compilation book ever published 

  • Guest on Ignite Humanity Live TV show 

  • Part of building schools in third-world countries. 

  • Invited to attend school openings as VIP guest

  • A lifetime member of the Ignite Humanity Think Tank with other visionaries

  • A recipient of the Ignite Humanity Alliance commemorative badge

Want to learn more ways to Ignite Humanity?

Book a Discovery Call with Ignite CEO and Founder JB Owen to get all the exciting details about Ignite Humanity. JB will walk you through what it means to join a community of bestselling storytellers sharing their Ignite Moments. She will share details about the Ignite Humanity project and the exciting charity initiative Ignite is running alongside the book and series. Ignite Humanity will be a collaboration on a global scale, using various mediums of storytelling to transform lives and inspire people to take positive action for a better world. We want you to be part of that.

Ignite’s mission is to impact humanity and inspire the world through the stories we tell. We can’t wait to hear more about how you’re impacting humanity!


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